BRKCCT-1003 “Contact Center Enterprise Roadmap”

BRKCCT-1003 “Contact Center Enterprise Roadmap”

My second session of the day on June 29th was the BRKCCT-1003 session “Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Overview and Roadmap” in Moscone South room 303.

The session was excellent, and covered both the current versions and vision for the UCCE and Expert Advisor products. Soufiane Houri did a great job presenting the details of the next major release of UCCE, which will be version 8.0. This new release is scheduled for 1Q2010, so the information that Soufiane shared was really a look into a product that is still truly in development. I cannot post any of the content from the forward looking sections of the presentation (the best part, of course) but if you are a Cisco customer or partner (and therefore have an NDA with Cisco) and you join, you should be able to access the full presentation including the forward looking material. The only piece that may not appear in the community is the demonstration video from UCCE 8.0 that we saw in the room. I can’t tell you what it contained, but I can say it was exciting and a welcome move for the product set.

Here are some videos from the first part of the session, which was the “Overview” portion of the presentation, covering the products that are currently available in this product suite.

Part 1: Soufiane kicks things off

Part 2: Continuation of the introduction and overview

Part 3: More overview material

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